Ohioan is living music. Hastening gridcrash, against equality and pro-littering. Ohioan is currently being permanently installed into a converted school bus, no more bar shows. Forever jobless, forever feral.

A rotating ensemble of 13-plus musicians, with one O Ryne Warner as its constant & core. Warner joined forces with luminaries from Jackie-O Motherfucker, AU, Cexfucx, Old Time Relijun, Valet, et al & enlisted them in an open-ended group project in which they sought to incorporate the sound of his home in the Appalachian foothills and his family’s Mississippi/Arkansas roots with the thriving free-music community of Portland, Oregon. Ohioan is generally comprised of long-form compositions with free improvising, ecstatic group sing-a-longs, southern funeral horns, & high lonesome country songs from the void.

Infinite Front