Brian Dewan

Brian Dewan does art, music, audio-visual performance, decorative painting, furniture design, poetry and instrument design. He used to build furniture for a living. Lately, he has been making and projecting a filmstrip project called “I-CAN-SEE,” which re-imagines the educational film genre. Sometimes he performs with an electric zither he built that has eight Humbucker pickups, and 88 strings. He has produced several albums, and a couple E.P.s. Mr. Dewan is a versatile musician with many projects. He has collaborated with Blue Man Group, Sesame Street, The Music Tapes and created album artwork for David Bryne, They Might Be Giants and Neutral Milk Hotel. He lives in New York State. His brother is artist Ted Dewan.

2 tracks – Pat the Cat and Beach Umbrella – unreleased