Tony Gault

Tony Gault’s films examine the human impulse toward narcissistic command of the planet. Inching ever closer to some resolution, his experimental and documentary films reflect an ongoing investigation of how we might cultivate a new approach to physical, mental and environmental equilibrium. Gault is currently teaching media production and studies at the University of Denver.

The films of Tony Gault have won awards at numerous film festivals around the world including Black Maria, Ann Arbor, Cinematexas, U.S. Super 8, Aspen Shorts and the New Orleans Film Festival.

In Picture #4, which is found on the PRISM index #2 DVD compilation, Gault uses a top-secret Thematic Apperception Test photo he acquires from a therapist friend, and has the subjects create a story about the photo. He constructs a narrative out of their individual creations, mixed with his own experiences with the mysterious photo to extract the characters’ own psychic preoccupations.

Picture #4
1993 – 6 minutes – Color – Sound

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