Su Friedrich

Su Friedrich began filmmaking in 1978 and has produced and directed nineteen 16 mm films and videos, including From the Ground Up (2007), Seeing Red (2005), Hide and Seek (1996), Rules of the Road (1993), Damned If you Don’t (1987), and Gently Down the Stream (1981). Her work has been the subject of retrospectives at theMuseum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and more. She teaches film & video production at Princeton University. Her DVD collection is distributed by Outcast Films. You can view one of Friedrich’s earliest works Gently Down the Stream in PRISM index #2.


Gently Down the Stream is constructed from fourteen dreams taken from eight years’ worth of my journals. The text is scratched directly on to the film so that you hear your own voice as you read. The accompanying images of women, water, animals and saints were chosen for their indirect but potent correspondence to the text.”

Gently Down The Stream
1981 – 12 minutes – B/W – Silent

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