Red Bucket Films

Red Bucket Films is a collective of artists who do everything from feature length films, to documentaries, illustration, zines, and micro-vignette films. The collective contributed a 10-minute selection of BUTTONS (micro-vignettes) from New York City. They are a whimsically poetic mosaic of found moments from the everyday that showcases the wonder, beauty, sadness, love, aggression and magic that goes unnoticed on the hectic streets of NYC and elsewhere.

Co-directed by Alex Kalman (creator of, Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie (DADDY LONGLEGS, THE PLEASURE OF BEING ROBBED). Daddy Longlegs, the Safdie Brothers most recent film, premiered at Cannes and was the 2011 John Cassavettes Spirit Award winner.

2008-2010 – 10.5 minutes – Color – Sound

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