Malcolm Sutherland

Malcolm Sutherland is an animator / illustrator originally from Calgary, Alberta. He studied printmaking at the Alberta College of Art and Design before moving to Montreal in 2002 to direct a short animated film at the National Film Board of Canada. He also studied film at Concordia University. In addition to his animations, he has produced several comic books, including OOLA DUG in 2007. Malcolm currently lives in Montreal with his wife Anna.

We are excited to have Sutherland’s short film “The Tourists” in Prism Index #2. In 3 minutes, Sutherland displays a variety of fun moments of oddly shaped and iconic tourists polluting a beach. The animation is representational, but minimalist and relies heavily on negative space. The settings and characters are created through a couple of pen-strokes and excellent sound design.

The Tourists
2007 – 3 minutes – Color – Sound

Official Site

The Tourists (2007) from Malcolm Sutherland on Vimeo.