Kirsten Kearse

Kirsten Kearse has lived in New York and worked in the film industry since 1996. After a brief attempt to get out of the business, she realized the outside world was no place for her and recklessly dove back into movieland. Since then, other than script supervising her way to the top, she has directed a few shorts, written perhaps too many screenplays, and has decided that maybe painting is the way to go.

Kearse’s surreal, absurdist short trilogy follows the life of the eponymous character “Horsefingers” (named for the obvious reason of wearing hooves on her hands). Prism Index #2 presents the concluding volume of the trilogy. Emma, played by Maria Thayer, is costumed and ready for her cult meeting but she’s got the wrong address. Uncomfortable in her wig and horse hooves, Emma hangs out at a local bar, not sure what to do. She bumps into Lem, an actor from a movie she worked on years ago. He doesn’t recognize her but he does like the cut of her hoof. What follows is a bizarre date between a script supervisor in a costume and a minor movie star. Funny, unsettling and a little creepy, HORSEFINGERS 3: STARFUCKER provides a life lesson to be remembered.

Horsefingers 3: Starfucker
2008 – 13 minutes – Color – Sound

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