Amy Lockhart

Amy Lockhart paints, draws, creates comic books and is a filmmaker. She has been creating award-winning films as an independent/experimental animator for over 12 years. She has finished an artist residency at the Quickdraw Animation Society, and the California Institute of the arts, and completed a fellowship at the National Film Board. Her films are animated under the camera with hand made paper puppets, cut outs and drawings of her own design. Her characters and style are unique and at times crude, often accentuating unflattering parts of the human form.
In Prism Index #2 we will be showing Lockhart’s “The Collagist,” a short film with collaboration from artist Marc Bell. In her unique cut and paste animation, Lockhart depicts the hands of an artist at work from the point of view of our main character. The piece attempts to bring Marc Bell’s intense and chaotic collage style to life.

The Collagist
2009 – 2 minutes – Color – Sound

Drawn & Quarterly