Aaron Matthews & Richie Sherman

Richie Sherman teaches film production at Penn State. His own work, which emphasizes an expressionistic personal approach to filmmaking, gives emotional and aesthetic heft to the short documentary O.W. Houts and Son, Inc., made with Aaron Matthews. Matthews is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose films have appeared on national and international television and in numerous film festivals around the world. In addition to his film work, Matthews has worked as a writer and producer for A&E, The History Channel, National Geographic Channel, and The Sundance Channel.

In PRISM index #2 you will find their film O.W. Houts and Son, Inc, which, depicts a small family owned business unable to compete in a new America where conglomerates dominate. Sherman and Matthews focus on the workers and costumers who have been loyal to the one-stop-shop for over 40 years. The subjects treat the convenient store as a home and each-other as a family. We watch as the store is in its last hours.

O.W. Houts & Son, Inc.
2009 – 10 minutes – Color – Sound

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