Ryan Travis Christian at Western Exhibitions till Dec. 3rd in Chicago

RTC and …

Scott Anderson
Chris Duncan
Ted Gahl
Cody Hudson
Eddie Martinez
Dana Dart-Mclean
Rachel Niffenegger
Matthew Palladino
Geoffrey Todd Smith
Andrew Schoultz

States Ryan Travis Christian:

These pieces have also been done in the past 5 months or so. They are exercises in experimentation, style fusion and problem solving – some are failures, some are glorious. They have been sent to and fro repeatedly in most cases, with the exception of the Chicago based artists on the list as we’ve gotten together and worked on them in person. The process of working on them is really great because it forces us to consider different ways to approach creating/resolving an image. Some of the artist are close friends, some I simply admire, all are up-and-coming artists that have established a great work ethic, unique visual style and are people who I’m proud to consider my peers in the contemporary art world.

Western Exhibitions Gallery

Ryan also has three drawings in PRISM index #2. He’s a killer. Check out his page here and order PRISM index #2 here.

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